A Message From The Ministry Of Tourism

Today, team Ayanaant is very encouraged and honoured to receive a message from the Ministry of Tourism, India.

Shri Parvez Dewan, Secretary (Tourism) has this message for us…

Sir, we are extremely honoured and grateful. Thank you for your kind words and support.

It is a pleasure to learn about Ayanaant 2013 which will be held at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, with the aim of bridging the gap between those who have expertise, and those who could use more of it. If knowledge is power, information is liberating. Both are keys to success and much in demand, and many of us are reluctant to part with either. It is not often that a platform is created where leaders come together to share insights, experiences, tips and thoughts on business matters. Those who might benefit are not just the individuals attending or imparting but also the entire community at large who are in the business being discussed.

Thought Leadership programmes within the travel industry are a rarity. Amid the multiplicity of trade voices, those found to be aid the dialogue can be considered thought leaders. Given our complex world, there are many things that need to be considered, so providing true thought leadership can be very valuable. Ayanaant is a promising initiative and I am sanguine that it will fill in the void that currently exists in the travel section.

I wish Viva Voyages the very best of luck and hope that this initiative will be a success and that the section will benefit.

Parvez Dewan
2 April, 2013

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