An Anchored Ayanaant!

Considering that the first panel to be finalised for Ayanaant was the World Wide Cruising segment, it was only fitting that the next confirmation came in the form of an anchor!

We are happy to report that Mr Vishal Gupta, the Chief Strategy Officer of has agreed to be the anchor for Ayanaant 2013. Here’s what he feels about Ayanaant, and why he decided to join us:

I’ve had the opportunity to work across diverse industries but Travel space was the most exciting of all. When Vikas shared his vision around Ayanaant, I could clearly sense a vacuum being filled with fresh air of thought leadership in such a niche space. I’m honored to be offered an opportunity to anchor this momentous event. I find this a great way for me to stay connected with passionate people associated to travel industry. I wish Ayanaant emerges as a leader in bringing together stalwarts of travel industry.

Thank you, and welcome aboard sir!

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