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Messages and good wishes from travel writers and media

Sheldon Santwan

Sheldon Santwan
Editor & COO, Travel Biz Monitor (Travel & Hospitality Division, Saffron Media Pvt. Ltd)

Travelbiz logo

The outbound travel segment is the fastest growing segment of Indian tourism and the growth trajectory, pegged at 10-15% in the last five years, will continue over the next decade. While India recorded approximately 14 million odd outbound travelers in 2011, the figure is expected to touch 50 million by 2020. The Indian outbound segment has also been more resilient and did not show any major dip due to the global economic slowdown.

Indian travellers are evolving rapidly and increasingly getting keen on unique experiences and discovering niche destinations, right from exploring Antarctica to visiting vineyards in France, to skydiving in New Zealand. The world’s a playground for the Indian travellers and not just the rich and the famous. It is no wonder that NTOs present in the country are investing heavily in the market and new destinations are making a beeline for tapping the Indian market. It is an exciting time ahead for industry stakeholders in the segment with lots of opportunities.

In this context, the day long conclave, Ayanaant, planned by Viva Voyages is an excellent platform for industry leaders and senior managers to come together and share ideas on creating better business opportunities and overcoming challenges. The focus on niche aspects like, MICE Planning and Worldwide cruising will certainly help industry players. I would like to congratulate Viva Voyages for this initiative and wish them the very best for a successful conclave.


Sahim Salim

Sahim Salim, Editor,
India Tourism Review

India Tourism Review

For Indians, and I am sure NTOs and private tourism suppliers will agree, travel is no longer considered a luxury.

With staggering forecast statistics, the Indian outbound sector is truly evolving with each passing year. This represents an enormous opportunity for stakeholders to address the needs and concerns of this sector. In this context, Ayanaant is a step in the right direction. It provides a platform for industry leaders to voice their suggestions and ideas for the sector, which can inform, educate and unite.

Topics like MICE planning and cruising will help put the spotlight on segments of the outbound travel industry which otherwise receive only a fraction of attention they truly deserve.

I congratulate Viva Voyages for this initiative and wish them the very best.


Hoihnu Hauzel

Hoihnu Hauzel
Journalist, Travel Writer, and Founder of

I am looking forward to attending “ayanaant,” a significant Outbound Travel Thought Leadership Meet that promises to be the platform for learning, exploring and ideating. As India is counted as one of the fastest-growing outbound travel markets in the world, the symposium couldn’t have been more important and timely. Listening to speakers, imminent professionals drawn from the industry, will give me alot to take home.


Shailendra Kesari

Shailendra Kesari
Editor & Publisher, Safari Plus

Safari Plus

I am glad to learn that Viva Voyages Pvt. Ltd is organizing Ayanaant 2013 – “An Outbound Travel Thought Leadership Meet”. The endeavor of organizing such kind of Meet will definitely provide a good platform to the travel trade partners for sharing knowledge and creating awareness in their respective field. India is one of the fastest-growing outbound travel market in the world and this would give a new direction and opening to understand the Outbound travel trends. We at Safari Plus wish Ayanaant 2013 a grand success. And as Viva Voyages has came a long way and has recently been awarded as the “Best Travel Marketing Company”, on the same lines we wish your team good luck and all success in near future.


Ravi Arora

Ravi Arora
Editor-in-Chief, Travel and Hospitality (TnH)

T n H

I am very glad that that Viva Voyages is conducting Outbound Travel Symposium on the 21st of June; it will provide common platforms for trade leaders to come together with a purpose of learning and sharing industry insights and trends. I hope to attend and gain knowledge, inputs and analysis from the different verticals of the travel industry present there.


Firoz Fazil

Firoz Fazil – Editor, Voyager’s World

Voyager's World

I am glad to know that Viva Voyages is organizing Ayanaant – a wonderful platform for the tourism industry stakeholders to come together, talk and share key industry trends and insights.
It is equally heartening to understand that the key topics that will be covered in the programme are relevant and pertinent to the growing Indian travel industry: such as the outbound segment, MICE, cruising, etc.
I hope that this event will be able to formulate and come out with insightful and refreshing ideas that will provide the much-needed impetus to and the vision for the growing Indian travel industry.


Ravi Sharma

Ravi Sharma, Editor & Publisher, Travel Trade Journal


The travel industry is very dynamic and the challenges facing businesses – both new and established – are manifold. Add to it the global recession which we are facing today, and every single detail counts. In such troubled times, a thought leadership meet is very timely, and crucial. Viva Voyages is taking a huge step in taking the industry forward, and we appreciate the initiative ‘Ayanaant’.


Abhishek Chakraborty

Mr. Abhishek Chakraborty, Journalist, Travel writer, Financial Express, Express Travel World


Travel and tourism is one of the fastest growing segment in the country and India has emerged as the world’s fastest-growing outbound market. According to reports, the number of Indians travelling overseas is set to rise from around 15 million today to 50 million by 2020. In this context, the day long seminar, Ayanaant, by Viva Voyages, is an excellent opportunity for industry leaders to come together under one roof and share their views on creating better business opportunities and overcoming challenges faced by the Indian travel market. Moreover, with topics like the outbound travel, MICE, cruising, etc to be discussed during the course of the day, I am looking forward to have a great time there.