Online Initiatives Panel Discussion

This week, we have a double bonanza! First up, a look at the Outbound Travel Industry through the eyes of online players. The highly informative and intellectual discussion, was moderated by Mr. Rajiv Bajaj. Panelists : Ms. Meenu Sachdeva, Mr. Nikhil Ganju, Mr. Ram Mohan, Mr. Vikram malhi and Mr. Vinay Gupta. Read More about the panel members here.

And for those wondering where they can get a hold of all the wonderful presentations aired during Ayanaant, we’ve uploaded all the presentations to authorStream. Check them out at our newly added page for presentations. Our heartfelt thanks to the creators of the presentations and sharing their insights.

Please note that the presentations are under a CC-BY-NC-ND 3.0 licence. We appreciate your cooperation in honouring the same.

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