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Iqbal Mulla

Iqbal Mulla – President (TAAI)

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Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) is proud to be a part of “ayanaant”- the Outbound Travel Thought Leadership Meet being held on 21st June, 2013 in New Delhi.

TAAI always appreciates the opportunity put forth for industry leadership from across the travel and tourism value chains to meet for constructive stock-taking. Efforts such as this leads to intense interactions that are much needed, if we are to raise the bar for the Tourism Sector.

Travel and tourism forms an important part of an economy. As such, it is important for industry veterans to share their expertise with their colleagues, for the benefit and growth of the industry as a whole.

“Ayanaant” will help this vision to synchronize our actions in the industry.

TAAI appreciates the initiative being taken by Viva Voyages to bring together the top management of the very best outbound travel management companies, all under one roof.

We wish Ayanaant 2013 the very best of success!


Guldeep Sahni

Guldeep Singh  Sahni – President (OTOAI)


Outbound travel forms a huge segment of travel trade across the globe. To bring the cream of the industry under one roof is a novel thought.

OTOAI has always aimed at fostering an environment of collaboration with various stakeholders through its ideology of collective ambition. Through Ayanaant, Viva Voyages strives to bring varying travel thoughts on one platform. For this, OTOAI applauds Viva Voyages for coming up with ‘Ayanaant’.

It is my pleasure to be invited to this one-of-a-kind event, to hear the gurus of outbound travel share their views.


Biji Eapen

Biji Eapen – National President (IAAI)

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IATA Agents Association of India (IAAI) believes that Inbound Tourism in India should be sold as a composite brand, so that it could work rather than individual states, highlighting our cultural heritage with geographical diversity.

A common logo and slogan has to be adopted as the ASEAN countries (like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand etc) promote their destinations, so that a closely knitted relationship can be developed among the States which in turn will promote tourism and economic activities.

In order to achieve the goal, there should be substantial increase in the quality as well as quantity of services offered by our Travel & Tourism industry. Tourism being identified and yet to be declared as an Industry, it is very much important for each and every one of the industry partners to work together to promote tourism industry by way of adopting new technologies and professional management approaches.

We feel that the common platforms of Travel Agents and tour operators, including sharing views and ideas like this, should facilitate the industry partners ample opportunity to exchange their views and also to catch up with the modern technologies and marketing strategies to improve the quality of services. Many of the current associations have overlapping agendas which is only creating competition, not unity. Yet none in the industry circles want a single appellate body. None want more than what there are already.

IAAI appreciates the initiative being taken by Viva Voyages in bringing together the leaders of outbound travel management and all stake holders together under one umbrella.

Wish all the success for Ayanaant 2013.


Pankaj Nagpal

Pankaj Nagpal – Chairman Northern Region & Director – National Board (ETAA)


ETAA is proud to be associated with ‘Ayanaant” 2013. The Outbound Travel Thought Leadership Meet initiative by Viva Voyages is an excellent opportunity for the entire travel fraternity to come together on one platform and give their inputs and views about the issues plaguing the industry today and to suggest and discuss the solutions to the same. The timing is just perfect for such an event where the world economy is going through a turmoil and has severely impacted the travel industry too and it has become imperative for each of us to take stock of the situation and find ways to collaborate with one another closely to boost revenues and reduce costs and to better prepare ourselves to face such situations in the future.

ETAA appreciates the initiative and is extremely pleased to mark its presence at the event. We convey our best wishes to Viva Voyages for the success of the event.


Rajesh Sethi

Rajesh Sethi – President (SFTO)

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In today’s day and time, knowledge is the biggest asset that an organization can have. It is the one thing everyone wants more of, but few are willing to part with.

It is imperative for the industry to be armed with expertise to tackle challenges facing the industry. To bring together the best of the travel industry together is a very noble and selfless mission.

It is a pleasure to learn about Ayanaant 2013, and its ambition to bring the entire outbound travel industry on one platform.

SFTO has no doubt that Ayanaant will help fill in the information void that currently exists in the outbound travel industry.

We wish Viva Voyages the very best of luck, and hope that this initiative will be a success, and an annual feature which will be eagerly awaited by all in the travel industry.